Acention is continuously producing novel systems, integrated from technologies bought in the recent past and technologies hot out from the present day. Some of our solutions enjoy continuous R&D due to its market potential and relevance in tomorrow's business needs.
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  • uniQ SMS provides a new dimension to customer service. Whether you are physically present at the queuing counter or running your errands, you will have knowledge of the queue progress. As a ticket holder, you will receive a notification SMS at a predetermined time before your turn. What's more, our SMS Booking module even allows customers to ensure an early number by sending in an SMS. All this, without the hassle of beating the morning rush for numbers.

    First deployed in a private hospital in Malaysia, the Intelligent Queue System boasts a customised suite of functions suitable for a hospital environment. While most other queue systems in the market offers a simple queue for the front desk or admissions, the Intelligent Queue System penetrates right through to the actual clinic itself including other services such as Dispensary and X-Ray. Aside from that, the Intelligent Queue System is also SMS enabled. Waiting patients and their care taker may be anywhere, even outside the hospital and still be contacted automatically to return to the hospital when close to their turn, thereby noticeably improving patient satisfaction and ease.

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