Acention Technologies provides System Design, Integration and Project Management to value-add to the application process and accelerate market acceptance of the product. Business knowledge systems, competence and experience are introduced to enhance the success probability and create a focus on opportunities. Not only do we solve an engineering problem, we create a business case for our Client.
System Design

At Acention, we provide diligent requirement studies alongside our Clients to establish the concept and chart out an appropriate design approach. To ensure future expandability and upgradeability, our designs are explicitly modular in nature, thus enhancing system life-span and providing affordable cost of ownership.
Project Implementation

Our Project Management team undertakes equipment installation, testing and commissioning of all contracted sales. Our systematic documentation and close project monitoring ensures efficient and timely system roll-out. User and administrator training is typically included prior to the handover of the system.
System Integration

Where existing systems need to be expanded or integrated into another, Acention provides expertise in multiple disciplines including Electrical & Electronic, Mechanical, Software and Network engineering to achieve an optimum result. We have specific knowledge in large environment Queue Systems, CCTV Systems, High Reliability Smoke Detection Systems and Wireless LAN applications.
System Maintenance

Equipments including softwares are usually warranted for 1 calendar year. Thereafter, clients are offered and can enter into maintenance contracts with us to provide for preventive and corrective maintenance for subsequent years. Our team of engineers also provides telephone, remote and on-site support. We are obligated to the continuous performance of our system at all times.
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