VESDA is an Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) System capable of detecting very low levels of smoke at a very early stage (a.k.a. incipient stage) of a fire. With a successful global history of over 25 years, VESDA has been widely accepted in various mission critical industries and bears approvals from worldwide fire regulatory institutions.

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    1. When business continuity is paramount

    Is uptime a key business goal? Is service provision critical? VESDA very early warning smoke detectors provide the earliest warning of a potential fire. This buys time to investigate and intervene, potentially avoiding the damage, downtime and cost of suppression release.

    2. When smoke is difficult to detect

    Is high airflow diluting smoke, preventing it reaching the ceiling, making it difficult to detect? Is the smoke being trapped in ducts, pockets or voids? Is smoke stratifying into a mushroom cloud below a high ceiling, making it difficult to detect? VESDA sampling points can be placed at the return air grille, or in equipment cabinets, detecting the smoke as it is carried by the airflow. In a large open space, sampling points for VESDA detectors can be placed where the smoke goes—often some distance below ceiling level.

    3. When maintenance access is difficult

    Is the area to be protected inaccessible? Does maintenance on current fire protection systems cause disruptions and inconvenience to your business? VESDA detectors can be mounted in accessible locations, allowing easy access for maintenance. Only the sampling pipe network is placed in the inaccessible area.

    4. When unobtrusive detection is required

    Is it important to preserve the internal design/decoration of the building? Is vandalism a problem with the current smoke detection system? A VESDA system can be installed that uses tiny capillary sampling tubes, barely discernible to the human eye. The detectors can be placed in a cupboard or utility area.

    5. When evacuation is a challenge

    Will the building be open to the general public? Will it house people who need extra help during an evacuation? Is evacuation difficult due to crowds or limited exits? What is the business impact of an evacuation? The very early warning that a VESDA system provides allows the maximum time for evacuation.

    6. When environmental conditions are difficult

    Is poor air quality or extreme temperature present in the area to be protected? VESDA detectors feature dual-stage filtration to ensure that they keep working in dirty environments. The detectors can be installed elsewhere, with only the sampling pipes in the extreme environment. The sampled air can be filtered, warmed or cooled before reaching the detector.

    7. When suppression systems are present

    Is suppression release a costly and disruptive exercise? The very early warning provided by a VESDA system allows early intervention, with action being taken before suppression is necessary. The multiple warning levels of a VESDA system can be used to trigger different responses at different stages of a fire, from controlling air conditioning to suppression release.

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