BlueRing is a wireless Internet facility that uses the widely accepted 802.11b/g technology. Though the use of subscriber IDs and Passwords, BlueRing provides a secure platform whereby Internet users gain access to the Internet from our hotspot locations. In this day where electronic mediums has become an integral part of our lives, BlueRing is continuously expanding to more locations to provide connectivity to our subscribers.

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  • The ability to stay connected in work and play has given people greater mobility and effectiveness. Today, the use of wireless connectivity on the backbone of the Internet offers affordable continuous access to information on the go. The demand for connectivity has seen the ever expanding availability of wireless Hot Spots in public areas like Cafes, Universities, Hospitals, Hotels, Airports and the list is increasing. Such availability of connectivity provides productive and leisure time for people wherever they are.

    Commercially, the demand has provided establishment owners, a new revenue opportunity, while providing quality service to their customers. Smart solutions are available to automate accessibility permissions to the internet by prepaid or postpaid users using their PDAs and Notebooks within the wireless footprint.

    In offering BlueRing, our aim is to provide Internet mobility to the subscribers while maintaining an attractive and sustainable operation model for the Client-operator. Contact us today to find out how you can be a part of this growing opportunity.

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