Our Company

Acention Technologies Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in 1987, aims towards the commercialization of market-ready Technologies and to bring them to businesses globally. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the Company proceeded to form strategic alliances and conduct researches into market expectations and product alignment.

Being fundamentally an engineering company, we have placed great emphasis on the technical competence of our staffs. As our focus is to provide a sustainable system to the customer at all times, we maintain a frontline of commercially and technically competent top management staffs to meet clients.

Our team comprises Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical, Network and Software Engineers as well as embedded technology designers, with a present head count of 20 personnel.

Our Business

Our philosophy revolves around utilizing knowledge-based technologies intended to provide business solutions to enhance service relationship. To this end, we have built our capabilities to response to our customers based on critical performance in both Pre-sales and Post-sales demands.

We are involved primarily in the core business of 'uniQ', an intelligent queue management system and Blue Ring, a session initiated protocol WiFi compliant provider. Acention is the trade mark holder of both these technologies, and in the case of 'uniQ', the design and assembly of all the component parts, that makeup the queue management system, are produced in Malaysia. Supplementary services include Engineering System Design, Visual Communication Systems, Automation Systems and Project Management.

We are dedicated to Research and Development and work with our clients' feedback, continuously providing solutions for their improvements.

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